A whiter sceaga of face

Whilst I had golden locks as a small kid, most of my life I've had dark hair. Which is getting greyer and even whiter. It started with the bottom of the beard and is slowly moving up my face. That is metamorphosis for ya. I do not have any religious, ideological nor esthetic plans with beard or hair. It grows till I get tired of it. Basically the cheapskate's attitude. Which is the only skating I do.

I fast get a dark shade after shaving. Then my beard-to-be is still dark. Mysteriously, when it grows out it is a fanfare of dark, grey and white. How does that happen??

Life is full of mysteries that really do not need an explanation.

Featured image: Basilios Bessarion, a candidate for Pope, who might have lost election partly due to his beard. The Roman church has been clean-shaved for about a thousand years.


    • Not too shabby! Well, thank you! 🙂

      Haha that was a fun exposé!
      Me: “That monkey tail looks interesting, maybe I should give it a go…”
      Everybody: “I don’t know this person!”

      Well beards are expressions of ideology/religion/lifestyle/identity (not easy to separate): metalhead’s goatee, (some) muslim neckbeards, orthodox priests big beards, sikhs’ draw it up in the turban, Unixbeards etc etc

      In five years my hair and beard might look like that of Sonny Rollins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxzuvS29lR8

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