Adding feed links – very basic method

Just for the fun of it, I decided to add feed links. Feeding is built into WordPress, but I just wanted to add visible links for clarity. Being goodness gracious unrealistic, I imagine someone actually subscribing to this blog! :O

However, it took some effort and searching on the web. Some suggestions mentioned putting php code snippets into template files, but I never understood which files or where in the files. And unlike html and css, I am not up to meddling with php, really.

After some frustrating trial and error, I arrived at the most basic design. It ain't pretty, just text, no icons, but here is how I did (logged in as administrator):

  1. Drag a Text widget to where you want the feed links to be. I put it in Primary Widget Area.
  2. Decide a title. Add links in text field.:

<a href="">Subscribe via RSS</a>

<a href="" >Subscribe via Atom</a>

An even simpler adressing would be: domain/rss and domain/atom, respectively. I haven't checked if different browsers somehow interpret URLs like this differently. I doubt it.

  1. When you do this, exchange my domain for yours (obviously). I also use (pretty) permalinks. If you do not, the URLs have to be formed differently.

For more about different ways to present your feed URLs to the world, see What is my WordPress feed url and the official documentation. If your blog is hosted as a subdomain of, please check out this page. 🙂

I hope this page makes sense.

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  1. As I changed theme to one that had feed links as default, I removed the widget. Just leaving the post here for reference.

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