This is a fantastic story from a truly evil era: The model "aryan" baby.

Racists are not only evil, they are idiots, and also deserve to be laughed at. And let's not forget that some self-advertised contemporary "anti-racists" are really racist, in the present era of confusications, identity politics and virtue-signaling.

The above story talked to me also for the reason that while some of my immigrant (non-Norse) ancestors and relatives had/has blue eyes and blond hair, some of my all-Swedish ancestors and relatives look more like native Americans than what people would think is typical Swedish. Myself I was goldilocks as child, but in adult age I actually had African-Americans think I was African-American! Based on the notion that if you have just a little of that, you are that. Not comparing myself to Keith Jarrett, but I read it also happened to him. Of course, not a problem, just a little surprising.

By the way, I've never heard Tiger Woods referred to as Asian-American, but maybe he has?

By the way 2, did you read the linked article? It is better than this post 😉