Batriarchy - when culture is bat shit crazy.

First, I want to say sports are usually segregated according to gender, and also to age. That is not discriminatory segregation, it is about fairness1.

So, this is not the first time we heard of people who are in one category claiming to belong to another category and are allowed to participate. Which is crazy in itself. Beyond postmodernism is solipsism where reality is what you decide it to be (which coincides with what you want it to be). Lots of people go along with this mental derangement. Somehow this latest made me boil enough to write a post. I usually laugh at this bovine refuse, but I guess I got pushed over the edge 😛

A man identifying as woman wins cycling championship in female class. World record, too! Amazing, right? He writes on Twitter he is first transgender woman world champion ever. Which of course is a lie, as he is not a woman. He is just a cheat, as a man has physiological advantage in most sports. It is fantastic how arrangers even allow this. But I guess it is part of the general brainf-ck propaganda: "just stuff all sorts of nonsense into people's minds and see if they take this load of cr-p". It is also pure hate of women, obviously.

The man in question is professor focusing on gender studies. Once gender/feminist perspectives/critique was about e.g. focusing on under-researched aspects of history, or analyzing gender bias in health research. Now it is all about constructivism and relativity. It is not research, it is politics and world-making. Not science, just drivel, not rarely of the narcissistic sort.

He talks about fairness, which is bullshit, as it is not fair that a man competes against women in something where physiology is crucial. If he was for fairness then he would argue for either a special category for transgender athletes or no gender categories at all. But then he would win a very small class or not at all. That he obviously does not want. He also has the temerity to compare transgender to racial segregation. He chose to identify as woman. The dishonesty of this batriarchy is fantastic. But then if you want to create a new world view you usually have to make stuff up.

It is unfair to women in sports. That people just accept this is astonishing. But integrity and dignity and reality is not popular, maybe even "toxic". Or you just despise women, simple as that.

This fantasy apparently happens with age categories also. Over the years there has been repeated reports of teams in young people's football tournament Gothia Cup where teams have consciously lessened their age in order to gain advantage. I also read about boxing and martial arts where immigrants with uncertain identity (and many have lied about their age) making fast careers. It is not just cheating, it is dangerous. These two examples are more cheating than cultural sickness. But the populace are trained to not question, to just agree to any sorts of obvious contradictions. That's why cheating individuals identifying themselves as "oppressed" often go unquestioned. Just pull those guilt strings. Relativism is not liberating, it is a tool for those with power. Truth will set you free, we do not want that.


  1. There are rare counter-occurrences of this, e.g. when a Swedish woman was best in shooting and they hastily created a female category. That was discrimination created by weak men. (Can't find any ref, don't remember name, year or even what sort of shooting).



  1. I heard about the cycling thing and I fully agree with you. It doesn’t matter whether someone identifies as a man, a woman or a ham and pineapple pizza, the brute fact remains that men, on average, have more strength and greater stamina than women. So to let someone born male compete against women in a sport in which strength and stamina are important is flat out unfair.

    We all make choices and we all have to live with the consequences of those choices. As such, I have no objection to someone deciding they want to be seen as a woman. But they then have to accept the consequence that no category exists for them in their chosen sport. It is certainly not reasonable for them to expect women to simply leave the field.

    Campaigning for a trans category, as you suggest, would make a lot of sense, but I don’t see a lot of sense emerging from this camp.

    There is a disturbing element to the trans movement that insists the rest accept whatever they claim, regardless of how many women are harmed in the process.

    • Agree.
      I saw a picture of him and the other two medalists (women). Those two were smiling, but I find it rather horrid that they feel obliged to keep a straight face and even smile as part of a virtue-signaling theatre. I assume they are pros and trained a lot harder than he had. Sports are unfair anyway due to genes and life circumstances, but this is silly. The kindest thing I can say is that this is part of a very politicized world.

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