Today I harvested broad beans. This is the third year I grow such. They became higher than previous years, up to 2 meters. While many beans and peas are more of the vine type, and need something to climb on, broad beans are comparatively sturdy. I did have support for them, in case there would be really strong winds, which they wouldn't weather, especially late in season when they are heavy with beans. There were a record number of pods but they were smaller than previous. I could have waited a bit longer to harvest, but some pods had gone bad, so I salvaged the whole lot. I think I had the plants a bit too close to each other this year.

I removed the beans from the pods and boiled them a few minutes. Will freeze them.

Ode to Bean

A dark place
It has bean here before
Striving up to the surface
Where the sun beans
Growing, harvested
Bean there, done that
It is now a has-bean
Unless saved for next year
In The Great Chain of Beaning

Vegetable humor

"What do you call a vegetarian soldier?"
"A legumeionary."


  1. So nice to harvest your own like that – next time, take a before picture of the plant please 🙂

    And hah, Classic Mikael 😉

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