Blue berries

This is the season for berries, both wild and domestic. It is an ok year, except for cherries (almost none in garden). Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) is abundant in forest, even if this year it has been less than usual. Bilberry is a very typical plant for the pine and fir forests, as long as they are not too thick and dark. In many places, bilberry shrub basically covers the forest floor. It has been estimated 17% of Sweden's area is covered with bilberry shrub. Bilberry is also called European blueberry. In Scandinavia, they are just "blueberries". And that is the bloody correct name, if you ask me! 😛

The plants are much smaller than the American blueberry (which on Wikipedia is just called "blueberry"), which is a (rare) domestic plant here. Blueberries are delicious, and also very good for health. Bears and birds love the berries, and deer and moose eat the leaves.

In Sweden, access to forest and land is free, as long as one does not hunt, destroy crops, break branches, cut down trees, nor litter. Camping is OK, as long as it is max a night or two in same place. Fishing requires permit, except in the sea, where it is free. Driving outside roads is not allowed, but there are a lot of small roads. Picking berries and mushrooms is allowed.

Below are pictures from when we went picking blueberries, err... bilberries, a while ago.


Bilberry forest.

Eurasian blueberries

Newly picked bilberries.

To be honest, it feels weird not to call them "blueberries".....