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Yet another narcissistic posting of what books I read in the latest quarter. See the previous one. I decided to here not list any books that have only been published in Swedish. Yet again, the list is not a recommendation, but I do not advise against reading them either. If anyone is particularly bad, I will state my opinion. Or not even list it 😉

John Le Carré - Spionernas arv (2017) ( A Legacy of Spies )
Joseph Plummer - Tradegy & Hope 101 (2014). Listened to the audiobook. Free from
Frederick Forsyth - Det fjärde protokollet (1984) ( The fourth protocol )
Nick Hornby - Fallhöjd (2005) ( A Long Way Down )
Ira Levin - Pojkarna från Brasilien (1976) ( The Boys from Brazil )
Anne Tyler - Den andre brodern (1976) (Searching for Caleb).
Christina Garsten & Anette Nyqvist (eds) Organisational Anthropology. Doing Ethnography in and among Complex Organisations (2013)
Michail Bakunin - Gud och Staten (1977) (God and the State) (originally published posthumously 1882). See also separate post

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