Books read 3

Happy New Year!

I started list books I read by quarter 1, 2.

I forgot to make a post for 3rd quarter, but I read a lot less, so this covers the second half of 2019. If trends continue, I might do one a year, and then one a decade. 😉

I have no pointless goals of reading a certain number of books per year, but I have many waiting to be read. And I must fight the urge to buy new books.

William Faulkner - The Sound and the Fury (1929)
James DePrisco - The Economics of Catholic Subsidiarity (2017)
Pia Matthews - God's Wild Flowers. Saints with disabilities. (2016)
John Grisham - The Broker (2005)
Catherine McIlwaine - Tolkien. Maker of Middle Earth. (2018)
Lawrence Freedman - Strategy: a history (2013)

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