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I constantly have a shelf-queue of books to read. Not like a list, just books that scream "read me!" when I happen to see them. Some of my books I had for decades and did not manage to finish, or not even started on yet. But they look nice in shelf! A medium-educated visitor with built-in interest-algorithm might be slightly impressed.

The queue even seem to grow. I tell myself to not buy any more books until I checked off at least ten in the "queue". I often fail. Now I have been a good boy and not bought any books since January. I honestly thought I had not bought any this year, but it was not that long ago. I am a repeat sinner. Just a few weeks ago some bags with books were given to me. Some of them I will not read so they will be donated.

However this year (A.D. 2019) I started to make a list of books I read. Many years ago, I did that too with even some comments to each book. Now I am lazy so I just note the book. I had thought of making an occasional review, but so far not bothered. I have focused on reading books I recently bought, as well as books I thought I could give away. Some of the latter, because I thought I would not read again, but still worth giving away for others to read. If there are any big ones not worth reading, I might use them to press flowers. A few of my list I had for some years. One or two I had started on years ago, but not finished until now. Good boy I am. One of the books (King) I got a feeling halfway through that I read before. Bought it in 2016, but do not even remember how I got it. (I know the year, because I usually write my signature and year inside the cover). Almost all of the authors so far in 2019 I had not read before. I probably read more books than usual, since I've been even more home-bound than usual due to a operation I had before Christmas. Not yet fully back to my regular shitty self, but hope to 🙂

Some of the have-read-books are in a special pile for giving away to strangers, maybe as part of starting a Little Free Library type of thing. I live in an apartment house, so I should probably ask permission. Furthermore, my hands cannot really do carpentry any more, so I would ask the janitor or maybe neighbor to make one. I live in a rental, it's nice area, but that means also involving the owners (municipal company). Might get bureaucratic, so I have not really gathered the energy to start the process. Do not poke the bureaucratic bear... I might be overly suspicious, but if the subjects gets higher up in decision making within company, there might be brouhaha and even virtue signaling about this fantastic international idea/movement and some photos taken and bla bla bla. I hate such things. If I still had a house of my own, I would probably have put up one. If I had ability to make one myself now, I might create a guerilla library and just put it up during a weekend. Mwahaha.

Back to the list. 2019 has seen an unusual frequency for me of finishing books. I have avoided thick academic books. They tend to take very long. It is also bit too tough for my fogged brain. Some of my goals for 2019: Read books that are candidates for giving away, read classics, and more fiction. The list is not a recommendation, although none of the books so far has been bad, and none I would tell anyone to not read. If a bot reads this page and grind the list thru an algorithm that claims to understand me or what to recommend me please go ahead. It would probably have some funny results.

Magnus Norell - Return of the Caliphate (2017)
Ann U Birgersdotter - Hämnden är ljuv som melonlikör (2018)
Nima Gholam Ali Pour - Allah bestämmer inte i Sverige (2017)
Joseph Ratzinger & Marcello Pera - Without Roots (2006)
Milo Yiannopoulos - Diabolical (2018)
The Apostolic fathers - Early Christian Writings (1968). Transl M Staniforth, add. Andrew Louth.
Russ Harris - Lyckofällan ( The Happiness Trap ) (2007).
Neil Ganman - Anansi Boys (2005).
Dan Korn - Kalle Anka på kräftskiva: Berättelser från landet utan kultur (2017).
Michel Accad - Moving Mountains: A Socratic Challenge to the Theory and Practice of Population Medicine (2017)
Stephen King - Mr Mercedes (2014), Swedish translation.
Minette Walters - Ett förvridet sinne ( Disordered Minds ) (2003)

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