Casting duffers

I may have become a podcaster. If that is really an appropriate term? Podcatcher means a kind of software, not the person catching it (i.e. listening). If the listener is, well, a listener, would not a person talking be a podtalker? Whatever a "pod" is, I do not think I am casting things like that around. If a catcher is a software, then shouldn't the caster also be a software/machine?

Anyways and anyhow, I am now an audiocaster (audiospouter?). Radio show host would be awfully pretentious, not to say plainly wrong. There is no "radio" involved in this. I have the honor of being a member of the Duffercast crew, a band of junior seniors, or senior juniors, that "provide worldwide wisdom", as we humbly pronounce. A bunch of duffers in the prime of our lives. Maybe we are true middlemen? I have not checked this with the others, but since I am oldest and wisest [cough cough]...

So far our output is one episode. It was very fun to record. I hope you find it enjoyable, too 🙂

P.S. Speaking of radio... in Swedish a podcast is quite often called "podradio". That is an even more stupid than "Web-TV". I suspect it is the old media trying to motivate their existence. But I digress... just like a true old duffer 😉

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