Chick Peas + Stew

Hey ho, another post about cooking.

Today I decided to make a complement dish with chick peas. They were canned (boo), but at least ecologically grown.

As usual, I hadn't planned much, and I also engaged in my new hobby since 3 days back: excluding nightshade. I also excluded garlic just for the challenge. So, yet again, I used stuff I found in the kitchen.

I started by gently frying chopped half of a knob celery together with half a leek (ther green part) and grated ginger. I love ginger. It kind of simmered in the oil. Then I put in the chick peas and it join in the merry simmering. After a while it became a bit dry, so I added some more oil. I use cream very often in cooking. I have never been afraid of butter nor cream, whatever the cooking trends might be. But true to my brand new exclusion impulse, I decided to skip the cream. The only spice I added was black pepper, rosemary (dried, sadly) and salt. I thought of adding parlsey, but I forgot.

This dish (yes I call it a "dish") complemented left-overs from yesterday. That consisted of a beef stew that actually turned out not bad. The meat was from the part that maybe is called brisket in English. It had also onions, garlic, carrots, ginger, a little mustard, lots of cumin, green pepper (piper nigrum). The meat pieces were fried just for some color before put in the stew. Water and cream added, and let it boil slowly. 10 minutes or so before serving, I added fresh coriander leaves and dried oregano. I was careful with the oregano. I have probably forgot something. Served with basmati rice. There was salad but I forgot what.