Chicken with some spices

For today's dinner I made chicken in oven. As usually, I improvise. It turned out really good. Alas, not something that happens every time, even if total failures rarely occur 😉

I mixed the following:

Grated fresh ginger
Dried chili flakes
Ground black and white pepper.
Chopped garlic
Sultana raisins
Ground cumin seed
Dried chervil

I didn't measure them, just used reasonable amounts. Not too much chili, as that would overwhelm some of the other spices. I mixed them.

I then took about 50 g butter (real butter, no margarine crap), or maybe a little more, and kneaded it together with the spices into a lump. I put it inside the chicken. I put some oil on top of the chicken and spread salt, pepper and some powdered dried red bellpepper on. Put some whole small onions around it to fill out the (buttered) tray. 200 degrees (Celsius....) in oven, until done.

Please make sure, as always, that the chicken is properly done. I am always almost paranoic with raw chicken - keeping it separate, cleaning utensils and hands very carefully etc etc.

It had a great taste.

There is no picture this time. But a grilled chicken is not something unusual to behold.


  1. sounds delicious! Will have to give it or something similar a try 🙂
    Hope all is well with you.

    • Nice to hear from you. 🙂

      I am ok, haven’t had time/energy to keep up with the flow. 🙁

      I hope the “recipe” is useful. Since the butter slowly melts, it kind of becomes sauce, so it is good to have small tray, so the “sauce” doesn’t get turned into ash before the chicken is ready.

      It’s wonderful how recipes can’t be copyrighted or patented, and still creativity is high, food is made, people make a living on writing cookbooks, making tv shows, cooking and selling food etc. That should be impossible according to the copyright maximalists and other pundits.

      Take care.

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