My good friend Chalkahlom very kindly sent me two kinds of genuine Hungarian paprika powder. For this post I used:

Hungarian paprika powder

So, there was a sort of challenge on the fediverse. What the fediverse is, I cannot bother to explain now, but please look up the term on your favorite search engine 🙂 The challenge was to come up with creative gastronomical (or even lingustically) uses of the paprika. A few days ago I made goulash, and it turned out quite fine, if I may say so myself. But I wanted to make something new. As I say when I am improvising...

Proudly presenting:


At this time of year, fresh kale is not to be found, so I took 250g frozen chopped kale and let it very slowly melt and dry up a bit in a pot. I chopped one big onion and one red paprika. I cut a few cherry tomatoes in halves. I chopped one red pepper (a sort of not very strong chili). I put the whole lot in a frying pan with some butter, and about a tablespoon or two of the paprika powder. I let it simmer for a while, until onion was golden and everything just a little soft. I poured in the kale and stirred it and let it heat up a few minutes. Salted it and added a little ground black pepper. I could probably have used tomato paste instead of fresh tomatoes. I'll try make the dish again when there is some fresh kale.

Chili-kale-nom in frying pan

I admit it does not look very aesthetic, but it tasted really good, if I may say so. Spicey but not very hot.

I served it with a mix of crème fraîche and sour cream.

Chili-kale-nom on plate with sauce

I had no energy to make salad. I cooked for myself, so it was enough for dinner, but it could probably go well with e.g. ham or some spicy sausage and/or some oven roasted root vegetables.


Thank you Chalkahlom for the paprika 😀

Now this post will be mentioned in the fediverse discussion thread I linked above. A kind of loop?

P.S. I just started using Markdown for some document handling, and yesterday I realised there is support for Markdown in WordPress. This is the first post in which I only use Markdown. I have also activated Markdown for comments, so I hope it works.

P.S.2 I now realise there was already support for some basic html tags in comments.


  1. Good morning and thank you! I was not wholly convinced it was a good idea, but it turned out quite nice 🙂

  2. (…must not make a comment about the Swedish Chef… eh, Must not….) : – )

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