Darth Fish

Reading (i.e. slack-surfing on Wikipedia) about anglerfish, I came upon the small deepsea-living genus Black seadevil. Anglerfish are not famous for their good looks. The Humpback Anglerfish looks like Darth Vader's helmet with teeth. I do not embed any images of these fish here as they are so darn ugly, even disgusting! I admit I did lure you to the images. In the name of science!

Anglerfish often display rather extreme sexual diphormism: The female being much larger, the male more or less just a small appendix, often even permanently attached to the female. That is, not only emotionally attached, but really stuck with each other! A couple (coupling?) like this can maybe, forgive the pun, be named Ichthy and Scratchy.


  1. Brrr, Mikael! Why would you read about those spooky fish! I can remember seeing them in the Disney movie “Finding Nemo”, and quickly decided it was -the- most scary fish.


    Brrr! And the way it just appears with the light only and then…smack!

    Didn´t know about the female/male differences. It´s odd how in the animal world, it´s the male who is looking all fancy with more beautiful colors, where as the female is more “mellow”, but in our human world…;)

    • Hehe. 😀

      Nice observation, haven’t thought about that. Women are fancy and men dress in uniforms (tuxedo, costumes, ties, blander colors). I guess among animals with less dimorphism, maybe the female choice is less? E.g. cats. However, I recall a documentary about bears, where the biggest baddest bear male was totally manipulated by one female. With quite brutal consequences. :/

  2. O.o, oh yes maybe so. Aw, females can be manipulative, far more than males. I´m allowed to say that when I´m a female, am I not…

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