European “patriot”

One of the EU top bureaucrats, Frans Timmermans, preaches against the evils of "nationalism" and for a European "patriotism". Patriotism is a US term, made for a union. The US is a state, and that is what Timmermans et al want to turn EU into. And not a republic, but a bureaucratic, technocratic state. Witness flag, anthem, military etc

He says that "we Europeans" twice during 20th tried to commit suicide. That was politicians, militaries and those that directed them that did that. Not "we". There is no "we". Cliché collective blame. And "values based". What a rubber concept. In Sweden, we hear a corresponding concept a lot. It is basically state religion. All ideologies are values based. Even Hitler was "values based". This propaganda is tiring. For me, it is paternalistic. And the music. Sentimental music style from a thousand youtube videos...

Mr T, as many others, blame nationalism for all the wars in Europe. Now, Nazis and Communists were imperialists, and anti-nationalist. Hitler was a racist, not a nationalist. Stalin moved large portions of populations around, to weaken any local loyalties. Every empire hates nationalism. The Romans did not want it, the Austrian empire did not want Italian nationalism, the Ottomans wouldn't want the Greeks to have a nation etc etc. They promoted "patriotism" if that had been a word back then. Nationalism can be toxic, and racist, but it does not equal it. It however is always a wrench in imperial machineries. It's not like the EU elites want "workers unite" either. If one removes any ethnic or tradition factor (except the much-hailed multiculturalist hogwash), the individual will just as much belong to a state. EU is not exactly a libertarian dream.

The USA might for the moment have a Donald, and some may make a "duck" joke about him. In Europe we have real quacks.

As for "patriotism", it usually means "pay your taxes and send your kids to war". It's not better than nationalism. To be a EU patriot, is to be a EU state nationalist.

Norway is not member of EU, and just look how many wars Sweden had with them since 1945! #sarcasm

In fact, Norway gained their independence in 1905 from the Union with Sweden. Peaceful nationalism. Oh my, how bad the Norwegians are. #sarcasm

Europe is about people, nations, cultures. Not about a huge bureaucratic machinery.