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For a while the feed hasn't worked well. It's been an ebb in the flow(!). Today I disabled the plug-in WP Super Cache. I have used it for a long time, but seems to recently make problem. I tried changing some settings. Some other settings told me I have no access. Odd, I guess they mean that I need to upgrade to access that feature. I disabled the plugin now. There seems to have been nine posts in "backlog". Feed works now, at least in my feed reader. I do not guarantee any nutrition, just to be clear. Just me chewing the fat.

My cash flow is also low but that is another thing.

ps. Swedish lesson: "super" is the present tense form of "supa", "to drink heavily". E.g. "han super" means "he drinks heavily" (can indicate present action and/or a more general behavior pattern). Not that it has any connection to super cache. Or Superman.


  1. #NoIdeaAboutFeeds

    I laughed at the Superman, comment, hah. Classic Mikael 😀 ♥

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