First harvest of 2017

Gardening season is approaching and I am late with everything. The winter ("winter"? what winter?) has been slow. Haven't even decided what to plant, even less began to pre-grow indoors. I got a very nice gift of seeds from an overseas friend, so I do have to get started 🙂

I have an oregano in a pot indoors that is sort of surviving the winter. But this years First Harvest Award goes to a chili plant that I also had over the winter. I had several last year, but this one never blossomed nor gave fruit. I even have had to trim it down as it was about 1.5 m high. Its first flower I found on New year's Eve. It has had quite many flowers and also so far two fruits, one of which I harvested yesterday. The photo below shows the remaining one. I thought of posting it on the facebag, but it might have been flagged as pornography.

Chili fruit