Fish dish, capisce?

Today I improvised with some stuff available in our kitchen, all according to The Cajsa Warg principle.

Put fish (frozen cod filets, but fresh fish is of course even better) in a buttered baking pan or whatever you use for cooking in the oven. I didn't use anything with a lid (se picture), but maybe it works with that, too.

I put in the fish, spread shrimp (frozen, but if you have the luxury of fresh ones...) over it, chopped lots of fresh parsley over it, and added some whole cherry tomatoes. Ideally the shrimp would be added a little bit later, as the cooking time of it is shorter than the other ingredients.

I poured some cream over it.

Added spices: ground "pink peppercorns", some salt, grated parmesan.

There you have it: Mikael's Shrimpwrapped fishware (lame attempt at geek humour, sorry for that).

Mikael's fish dish

p.s. In Sweden we call the pink pepper rosé pepper. Better describes the color and also sounds more tasty, in my opinion.