Food is political

The other day I heard about Bernie's Yearning, a Ben&Jerry's icecream flavor showing support for Bernie Sanders. Old news as it was for the 2016 campaigns. It was something about "tasting the wealth gap". Rather ironic as Ben and Jerry's are not cheap. Furthermore, very few were made, so the cost for each must've been quite high. Rich leftists are often involuntary comedians.

I thought of this, and cannot recall seeing food with a politicians face and name on it. It would be quite weird. Would not surprise if they had them in totalitarian countries. Lenin's Lemon Lament? Colonel Khadaffi's Fried Chicken? Kim Jong's Good 'Un? The possibilities are endless.

JFK said "Ich bin ein Berliner", but that's another story. Unless he was a shapeshifter taking the cake! #conspiracy

I doubt the rumour that a California politician is creating the brand Bong&Jerry. That's just mean talk.

Macron and Cheese. That's a winner! 😉

I shoulda been a brand designer...