Household hacking

Hacking as in modifying and finding new use of stuff. Often it requires tools, maybe paint, in some cases electronics. This one does not require anything except mundane materials. Since I am a technical genius, I might do more of these posts, but I'd like to start with a simple project. Open source technology! Here goes...

Recently I used up a lint roller. I threw the remaining handle into my recycle bin. But then I realized its usefulness and it has gotten a second life. I also satisfy the recycling gods and think I deserve a medal.

I combined the handle with a toilet paper roll. It fitted perfect. I have no trademarked name yet. Working name is the Toilint Roller. Not the best name...

It is immensely versatile. It can be used outdoors when e.g. being out in the bush, if need arises. If the paper is rolled out a bit it can be used as semaphoring device. That would require distinct movements, unless you starch the paper, which may not be feasible. If rolled out longer it can be used for Ribbon in rhythmic gymnastics. If you can find red paper, it can be used as emergency carpet if you have some special surprise guests.

Endless possibilities. Your imagination is the only limit.