I am so tyred

As from today I am a potential law breaker. My car still has studded winter tyres on, and from April 16, they can only be used if there is snow, ice etc on the road. Not a speck of snow in sight. Was going to get help changing to summer tyres last week but that didn't happen (I simply do not have the strength anymore to do it myself). I drive very little so I am in no panic. They have to be exchanged where the car stands, cannot drive to the workshop. Unless there is ice and snow. A little seasonal backlash would be fine. Ho ho ho!

There are winter tyres without studs and they are getting increasingly popular, as they have a longer season of usage. Next time I'll need new winter tyres, I'll probably get that type. Studs are also seen as expression of patriarchy, so they do not fit with state feminism, and will probably be forbidden by the year 2030. j/k. They are also more silent. On dry road the studs are a little noisy, although much less compared to the old days. If you drive slowly on dry road it makes a sort of crackling sound. The sound of winter. If you do not have an open fire for Christmas, this sound will be the nearest thing to it 😛

Winter tyres are made of a softer type of rubber. Not real rubber but synthetic. I will not make any lame jokes here. I never do.