Limericks three

This is the final installment of limericks from the "archive". Like their creator, these five have some issues.

First one has same rhyme on all lines. It also has the same place name, but not the same place, occuring twice!


Stoked on travelling the river of Trent
He thought it was time well spent.
Rowing hard despite being Lent
A timetraveller with back bent
Surprised, he arrived at the council of Trent.

Is The Oval Room a place name? Probably, but a town or similar is better.

Alien invasion 1

The blathering man in The Oval Room
span a yarn with his verbal loom
He cared for his brothers and sisters
and tried to repair their blisters
even those born out of a shroom

The following two has no place name at all. But we laugh tradition in ze face!

Alien invasion 2

A man was employed as a SEAL
to bring some aliens to heel
The emerald Marsians he fought
a big placard had brought:
"We want a green new deal!"


An environmentalist was out and about
his fighting heart was proud and stout
A week he sat in a tree
with no break for a wee
"And all I got was this blasted gout!"

This one I realised rhymes in text, but not in speech. Still, I think it is pretty nifty. Comment cont'd after limerick, below.


There was a gamer from Gothenburg
who much wanted to cosplay a zerg.
His girlfriend was shocked,
the wardrobe she locked,
"In this house I am the demiurge!"

... cont'd: Zerg is from the Starcraft game. Many years ago I played a little Starcraft. In the second campaign, you play as Zerg. I could not stand the sound of the zergs, plus it was not fun to be an evil blob part of of an even bigger blob. Admittedly, I am not much of a gamer, and certainly not a cosplayer or LARPer. Furthermore, the only word I could think of rhyming with Gothenburg was "zerg"