Limericks too

Limericks seem to come in fives. Since we are going downhill, I would not say it is high five. Again, any similarities with any existing humans is purely coincidental.

Here goes:


A charming man from Marseille
to every girl said "heey!"
they hated his rap
and gave him a slap
He seemed quite morally grey.


To a kind man in Tasjkent
a small parcel was sent
a note in it read:
"Give us your bread,
or your nose will be bent."


A wise man from Sunderland
the wisest man in the land
could answer every query
but got quite weary
and left his office unmanned


A blathering man from Cardiff
Could on any obscure subject riff
The long and short
he did not snort
But he happily said "yes" to a spliff.

LimericksLimericks usually describe adventures of humans, but who says it must be like that? Here's a hippological one. The rhyme is a bit forced, but then it is a horse.


An old horse from Mandalay
to every offer shouted "Naay"
all sorts of mincemeat
he refused to eat
So they gave him some haay.