Some months ago, I made a limerick. Then I made another one... and then a few more. They are quite easy to make. I forgot about them, but now came across them. The rules for a limerick are not written in stone, but line 1,2 and 5 rhymes with each other, and 3 and 4 rhyme. The first line ideally ends with a place name. I just thought of a place and then proceeded from there. This algorithm can produce some fine insights, I tell you. I hope I also managed to get the right rhythm in them. Any similarities with any existing humans is purely coincidental. Here are a few:


A country lass who'd moved to Durban
and there gone totally urban
One day she saw two blokes
of quite different strokes
"Oh my, they're wearing a turban!"


There was an odd man from Beijing
who collected all sorts of bling
He preferred trinkets with mould
to jewels, silver or gold
But his favorite was his ol' ding.


There was a bishop of Rome
who would expressively foam
when a layman with spine
shower'd him in brine
and told him to go back home.


On a clear day in the town of Aberdeen
the sun shone and the grass was green
a colored ball of crocket
flew and hit a pocket
behind which is now an injured spleen.

Middle of Nowhere

A duffer in Middle of Nowhere
was stuck in his old rocking chair
"I must leave the house,
not live like a mouse"
In the woods he was killed by a bear.