LoLiWriMo bonus

So I made it! #LoLiWriMo2019

An extraordinary feat!

Art in world increased!

Insights delivered!

I will not be responsible for any trauma induced!

I will probably never do it again 😛

This morning I went to doctor for a rather specific check up. It looked for the most part good, but it was unpleasant and exhausting. Most days I start as fatigued by default. I got home really washed-out. I rested, but instead of sleep, my brain managed cook up the following:

(Warning. May not be considered funny, but you should see the morbid and self-deprecating humor in some patient groups)

An unhealthy man in Sweden
his readers was feedin'
He went for a checkup
His organs went ketchup?
No, it was jus' a li'l bleedin'