Marx 200

The European version of Indianapolis 500. Ok, that is a lie. Fake news!

Today it is Karl Marx's 200th birthday. Celebration featured talks by among others, politician-bureaucrat President Juncker (who looked sober) and the unveiling of a quite big statue of Mr Marx. Its cover was red. It was a gift from The People's (oh well) Republic of China. It is bigger art than better art, if I may say so. Ironically, in Swedish, Juncker's title is "ordförande", i.e. "Chairman".

Came to think of the last line of Tom Lehrer's song Werner von Braun.

A small statue of Groucho Marx would have been better, in my humble opinion.

Today is kodomo no hi, Children's day, in Japan. Typical is the flying of koi nobori, paper or cloth carps. Swimming upstream, perserverance, strength, courage.

Segways have two wheels. Funny, isn't it?