The watermelon transformed into a giant pacman! Hlep hlep!


A watermelon
It must have been GMOed. One genetic mix that I advice against is melon + collie. That would be depressing.

Speaking of GMO. China is going for it more and more. A stateowned corporation has made a bid for Syngenta. Now China is a clear communist-capitalist (a.k.a. corporate fascist) country, but GMO in general is public-private, or more specifically, a state-corporation marriage thing. The capital driving force for GMO is not "feed the starving", it is about patents and control of food production. Because control and striving for monopoly is profit. The state guarantees the "intellectual property" protection (monopolies). Patents do not nearly have the insane lifespan of copyright, but it is expanding. Maybe we will see a (tongue-in-cheek) "Mickey Monsanto Protection Act"?

Back to watermelons, which are more delicious than patents; Watermelon Man is a great tune by Herbie Hancock, recorded by many artists.


  1. Wow! That is astonishing!!! :O
    Even more so considering the materials deteriorate fast!

    Which reminds me I am going to get myself a piece of watermelon from the fridge. 🙂

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