Today is a Day for the campaign #MillionsMissing that tries to bring attention to the illness ME/CFS of which I have written about before on this blog.

Shoes for #MillionsMissing

Due to my sensitive feet, I use mostly Joya shoes, including sandals indoors. I am very happy I know about them. The shoes pictured above look like they been worn a lot but they have not. I guess that model is not very wear-proof (if that is a word). I can't do long walks anymore, rarely even medium ones, due to pain and faigue. Or should I say, until I get better, which I never give up hope on, though odds are against it. However, if politicians and authorities get their shit together and actually put some resources into research, odds will be better! ME/CFS is strangely unknown and unacknowledged. It is not a very rare disease.

P.S. I am not sponsored by Joya, and I have to buy these rather expensive shoes with my own small pension. As luck have it, I do not walk much, so I can have them for years and years!

P.S.2 If I had a sense of humor I would write Shoes Without Toes here.