Nativity deranged

Apparently, at Christmas time every year, the Vatican (or is it The Holy See?) arranges a large scale outdoor Nativity scene. I do not know how previous scenes were made, but I guess they would look about as the nativity is usually depicted. This year, some genius decided to replace Baby Jesus with a full grown man with six pack tummy. Joseph and Mary are on the side, and this nude fellow lies straight below the three wise men. It is a nativity scene. How was this hunk instaborn as an adult? Are the three wise men his fathers, by genetic engineering, or necromancy? Did he fall out of the sky? Is he a clone? Was he pooped out of the donkey?

I am not going to link to that trainwreck of depiction, but it is easily found on the webs.

The year of 2017, the Vatican seems to have gone Full Monty Python (pun intended). Wouldn't surprise me if those that made this arrangement hang around in bars, sing the Lumberjack song, and laugh their socks off at the public (Christian and non-religious) that pass by this. After all, they live a comfortable life on other people's money while lying right up their faces. Ironically when people posted an image of it on Facebook, FB decided (by algorithm, I guess) it was pornographic. Which it is. Not that Facebook's judgement is valuable.

Even for non-religious people, Christmas is very much a holiday for children, so even were there is no faith, there is certainly a child metaphor. That's how culture and traditions develop. So on the holiday for children (the common denominator), the Vatican decides to poop out a full grown nude dude. Says something about those that decided on this piece of crap. Maybe they hate children? They probably hate women, too. The Catholic Church venerates Mary ("Mother of God") like no other, but here she is just a bystander. It is mindboggling. Did they consult 4chan to make this imagery?

What are they going to do next? Put a baby on the crucifix?

Edit: Mea culpa: The nude dude does not represent the Son (I hope), so my above rant is partly way off the mark. Baby Jesus arrives at Christmas. That seems logic. But what is the nudist doing there? And a collection of odd types have gathered around the stable well before Christmas? Is it a home for the homeless? And the three not-so-wise-men arrive standing there for a week or two waiting for the baby to arrive? I've never had a nativity "model" or what they might be called, but this seems pretty off. A nude guy lying in a stable? That is quite perverse. And many of the other characters seem to have some vague old European clothing on them. Doesn't make sense either.