New Watch

I have previously written about Sergei Lukianenko's Watch series. I have just finished the latest, fifth, installment. New Watch.

It is slightly different than the earlier ones. There is some more humour in it. I laughed out loud a few times. I do not think I did that with the earlier novels. Several times, other authors and fictional works are mentioned. To me there is a wee bit of distance in the whole storytelling. The difference is not big, and it is not better or worse than the other ones. In a sense it reflects Anton, the main character's, personal development.

Anyhow, if you have not read any book in the series, please do that. It is essential to read them in order. If you read the first four, you must read this one, too. Lukianenko creates a very interesting world that is part fantasy, part our contemporary world, not pictured in the brightest colors.

I very much hope he will write more about the Watches.

P.S. I have not linked to the Wikipedia page of the book, as that gives away the story.


  1. Being a complete philistine, I have not read any of the novels, but I did see the Night Watch film. If memeory serves me correctly, it was loud, spectacular and quite difficult (for me, at least) to keep track of what was going on.

    It was an interesting-looking world, though, and I do keep meaning to take a look at the novels. One of these days, I will.

    • I have not seen the film. Maybe I should see it one day. The books I can recommend. The longer you wait, the more books in the series there will be to enjoy 😉

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