No choo choo for you!

A piece of small news from the old Swedish province of Dalsland.

An illustration of doing work, in this case asphalting a road, with tunnel vision. A mono-mental mistake (ho ho ho).

In Swedish, but an image says more than a lot of words

The tracks do not look like they are in use, but they are administered by a local train history association, JÅÅJ. They seem to have a nice collection, including four steam locomotives. The tracks were obviously not covered with asphalt before, so one would suppose the road repairing company would at least call to ask? Ya think?! Maybe they thought of covering [someone's] tracks? Ho ho ho.

The train association intends to have the problem fixed.


  1. Hah, Mikael, your humor is hilarious. HOW did this even happen ._.

    The tags “chuckle, road, train”, pretty much sums it up, does it not! 😉

    • Thank you for kind words, but in this case the humor sort of made itself, did it not? 🙂

      Well spotted! I occasionally put some extra joke into tags. I didn’t know anyone would actually read them. The search engine bots certainly have no sense of humor!

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