November 6

Today's date in Sweden is mostly associated with King Gustaf II Adolf (Gustavus Adolphus), as he on that date in 1632 got lost in the fog in Lützen, and was killed on the battlefield. He is one of the most famous kings in Sweden, known as a great general, the big defender of Protestantism and as The Lion of the North. He pushed Sweden into becoming one of the most powerful states in Europe. For a period. Ironically, his daughter, Queen Kristina, gave up the Crown and left Lutheranism and moved to Rome. She is about as famous as him, for very different reasons. You never can be sure what walks of life your children take.

Anyway, for me November 6 is my late (younger) grandmother's birthday. She was born in Sweden in 1907 by foreign born parents. She was a strong character and also a bit of "loremaster", knowing many stories about her family. I enjoyed those story tellings and even with her help wrote down a family tree a few generations back from her. I still have that paper, and it might be the only data for some of those generations. That culture was thoroughly destroyed in the Second World War. My Swedish ancestors are like all here (unless parent was unknown at the time) thoroughly mapped at least back to the late 17th century. Sweden is one of the easiest countries to do ancestry research in, but I still haven't got around to do any...

I'll not eat Gustavus Adolphus pastry today. I'll do other things.