Oh deer

This morning I heard a sound from outside, a short growl. I suspected it was a deer, and surely it was. It sounds more like a carnivore, surprisingly deep and rough for a small grass-eater.

There were three deer. I went out on porch, and they looked at me, but stayed. Hey, that's our plants!! After a while I gently whistled, and they ran off, while one of them made that sound again. Maybe it is a warning sound?

In English "deer" also has the archaic meaning of "animal". In Scandinavia, we still use it that way, e.g. Swedish "djur", Norwegian and Danish "dyr". In Swedish, roe deer is "rådjur".

Roe deer are plenty here. Unfortunately, there are too many of them, and they are bearers of tics (one individual can carry more than a thousand). There have been calls for increasing the hunt of them. That, or have more predators. Many are also killed by cars, but they do not pose risks to car travellers, like moose do. Deer are always nice to see. On rare occasions there are also moose in the garden. I don't hunt. Not my bag.

As much as I try put catchy titles to my posts, "oh deer" I blame thistleweb for. 😉

Three deer in August.



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