Over the Hillary

The old media has been droning on about Hillary Clinton eventually running for President of the USA. As if there are no other candidates in the Land of the Free. It seems many people are excited that she now finally says she will run. At the same time, it seems the dislike of her has increased, too. The Swedish media is very much pro-Democrat and has always been. Republicans are usually painted as kooks. As if they were the only two parties. Swedish media is usually filled with "news" and "comments" about the US Presidential Erection... solly, it should be Election! Yesterday I visited another household and happened to watch some television. On the Swedish public service news show Rapport they droned on about Hillary for five minutes, and she had at that moment not even officially declared her candidacy. These two ladies on so-called "public service broadcasting" didn't bother to hide their excitement over Hillary. Totally partisan and totally pathetic. Well, I am not surprised, public service media is for the most part crap, and continuously break the principles of what public service broadcasting should be, and what it claims to be. I have not bothered to link to the program, because it apparently is up only 7 days (so much for producing for the public). Their website for programs, svtplay.se, is also ripe with scripts and cookies for external sites. The public pays not only license fee, but also with their personal data to private corporations. In my view, it is a fraud. I don't miss television. The few times I see it (at other places, as I do not have a tv set, and never watches their web site either), it strikes me how bad it is, and it just gets worse. But those who know me know my views on that.

Anyways, I was reminded about this today as I read some news sites on the web, and the Hillary cult is up and running there too in some quarters. I think the reason many media is so for her here is she is a Democrat, and they are good, and Republicans are evil, or dumb, or corrupt. Another reason is she is already famous. A third reason, which I have seen also among her supporters is that she is a woman. "Omg, she can be the first woman President!". Frankly, anyone voting for her just because she is a woman is dumb. And there are many dumb people, all of which are not Republican, I might add. There is talk that Hillary is a Feminist, so she must be good, and if you are a Feminist, you should vote for her. In Sweden most politicians say they are Feminist, because they are afraid of being condemned if they do not say that. If someone had asked me two years ago, or maybe even one year ago if I was a Feminist, i would probably had said "yes". Now, there are many types of Feminists, but the fact that you should label yourself as that, otherwise you are bad, or evil, makes me say that I would not label myself as that. I might be an obstinate contrarian, but I am not always that ;-). Saying in Sweden that you are not a Feminist is a bit like saying in the US that you do not believe in God. [Just fill in the appropriate Political Correctness of your own country here]. Quite many Feminists also spout misogynic crap, and I would never want to be associated with that. I've even started to read and listen to people that label themselves "anti-feminist" (shock and horror!), and they have some interesting things to say. If someone had told me that two years ago, I would have thought they crazy. I try to have an open mind. Life is short, and why should we think as we are told?

If one wants to vote for a woman, there are other women candidates, too. Voting for someone from a political clan, be it Clinton or Bush, is dumb. Not all Feminists would vote for Hillary, of course. But those that vote for her, because that would be Feminism, are as dumb as the train, as we say here in Sweden. Hillary had to wait for her chance until after her husband had been President. When he was done, she became a politician in her own right so to speak. I can't imagine anything less Feminist that voting for Hillary. The irony is gigantic. But I guess the dumb Hillary-Feminists can't see that. And frankly, who would want Bill in the White House again...? /shudder

Red against Blue, just another sports program, bread and circuses. Paid for by the public to their own detriment. 🙂