Pew pew

I've had an audio CD player (Philips) for many years that I kept for nostalgia and also for backup, in case I needed one. It was given as birthday present for a family member in 1989, so it is 29 years old. I brought it up from storage to test an old amplifier I thought of selling. The slide out tray had an awesome sound, like a loud toy plastic pump action gun loading click-clock. However, the tray was not working well, and when I tried using the player, it had trouble reading CD, so it is on its way to meet its ancestors. I took a picture of the back. For the nice warning note and also the socket for remote.

Warning text on old CD player

As far as I remember there was not a remote included, so I guess it was extra. The socket looks like out of the old DIN standard, if anyone remember it. If you do, you might be a duffer. 😉