Pressure cooking

This is not a thorough review, just my thoughts on a gadget.

I've never had, or even used the classic type of pressure cookers. The one you put on top of stove like any pot. There are still models that work that way. But I have, for a while, had a modern, digital, version. Online friends were raving about them, so I gave in, and ordered one from Amazon. I could not find any shop in Sweden that sells them. In general I do try to avoid Amazon, it is growing into a huge conglomerate, but I'll pass on that subject for now.

A modern pressure cooker has its own power supply and some digital features, such as timer and various programs. I went for one of the Instant Pot brand; some online friends had one and I read many happy reviews. It seems to be the most popular brand. The inner pot is made of stainless steel, which to me, apart from cast iron, is really the only cooking surface material that's worth using.

The Instant Pot is quite big and clunky, so I have it set on kitchen countertop permanently, even though I do not use it that often. When cleaning, it is only the lightweight lid and the inner pot that is removed and cleaned. The whole pot is not heavy, but it would take up a lot of space inside a cabinet.

Pressure cooking means it is faster than cooking in an ordinary pot. While that is nice, that's not the reason I got one. It has several programs, but can also be set manually. I have used it for casseroles and as rice cooker, but there is also e.g. a slow cooking program. Some people make cakes and yogurt in them! Due to the programs, there is no risk of burning. It runs itself so to speak. If some ingredients are frozen it first slowly de-freezes them before the program actually starts. After the program is finished, it makes a signal and then keeps the food warm. There is also a function for delayed start: put in the ingredients and then it starts say an hour before you come back home. I have not tried that. Furthermore, putting e.g. raw meat and vegetables together for many hours in room temperature feels slightly meh. The lid is quite tight, although obviously not as tight as when the pressure is up. But I have not heard of any food poisoning, nor households fire, so it is probably safe.

All in all a very convenient machine, and the results are excellent. The casseroles I made have been very good. I do not use it every week, as I have a single household, and one can make a big amount of food in one go. I would have bought a smaller one, if I had found one I liked.

This device has some extra benefit for me personally. As I have mentioned before, I suffer from ME/CFS, and one of the perks is cognitive problems such as brainfog. I have the stove connected to a timer that must be activated and is set to max 30 mins. I am forgetful among other things. The timer is a safety device. The downside is, if I want to cook or bake something longer time than 30 mins I have to reactive the timer. Sometimes it is literally on/off cooking. Enter the Instant Pot. No risk of burning, no need to estimate cooking time, and better result. This is a very nice machine.

Generally I dislike electric kitchen gadgets. I do not have a micro. It would just take a lot of space. I do not have any electric hand mixers as my hands are very sensitive to vibrations. Even with pain and weakness, manual whipping of cream is better. I do have a water boiler. Convenient and safe. I rarely use the stationary mixer I have. Baking machines? Get off my lawn!! But the Instant Pot I love.

Just my two coffeespoons.

Which reminds me it is coffee time. I just boil water and pour through filter. That's my preferred method. I almost always remember to put coffee in filter, too! 😉


    • Hey! Thanks for dropping by 🙂
      The pressure cooker is really nifty. I wonder if anyone modified one and making their own cooking programs? 🙂
      Seems some newer model have bluetooth.

  1. What a nice review, thank you 🙂 I’ve been lurking around this thing for a while, not sure whether to get one or not, mostly because it takes up space, which we already lack in our kicthen. Gosh I really would miss my whipping-cream-thing-device though…

    I’d love to hear more about Amazon – and why you think “it is growing into a huge conglomerate”.

    Coffee IS quite important when you make coffee 😉

    • Coffee usually gets better with coffee! However, there are two rarely acknowledged upsides to making coffee without coffee. It saves money and also makes sleep better at night!

      As for the instantpot, our common friends were enthusiastic. I am glad I did finally buy one. And not just wasting money on something that was of no use for me. It’s not cheap. I hope it will last long.

      Amazon… another post… in the future…

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