Pro et contra

Many years ago, long before the web, in a land fa... well, that depends on from where you read this, I had a friend who was a great fan of the cartoonist B. Kliban. I had never heard of him, and to this day I never heard or read any reference to him in Sweden. His humour was quite unique, I think. Often absurd, sometimes just puzzling. I managed to buy a copy of his Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head and Other Drawings, so I guess there was a small market for his stuff even here in the cold North. If you've never seen his art, then I suggest looking it up 🙂

Today I heard on a podcast a mentioning of a drawing of Kliban, which I do not recall having seen. Searched for it and found it on google image search.

B Kliban cartoon. People For Against vs. People Against For

I assume the image is copyrighted by Kliban estate or similar, the one showed is linked to where I found it. I hope this is alright, and falls under fair use. No infringement intended.