Politicians (a.o.) are to a various degree adept at not answering questions, e.g. by answering a question that was not even put forward but sounds similar, plainly changing the subject, ignoring etc. The most skillful ones gives answers that are really not answers, but you might not even understand until afterwards. It is a good thing to have questions written down and really check if they were answered or not.

In a class of himself is Justin Trudeau, who is not the most skillful, but certainly one of the most bot-like. Even when same question is repeated he might give non-answers in a tone that sounds like he might believe himself. Cliché, a certain automatic feeling, and sometimes almost a parody. "Did he really say that?". It does not even sound very arrogant. It is kind of artful, condescending while not sounding very condescending.

I do not follow Canadian politics much, so I have only heard a few, but this one in relation to the Lavalin scandal is quite flabbergasting. Is it part of a general trend that politicians do not even try to hide their arrogance anymore? Alternatively, they are so dumb they do not even know what hops out of their pie-hole?

Bot, I digress...