Ring out the old controls, ring in the new ones

One might see this just as simple corruption, and as a consequence, anti-democracy. As part of a process to marry public and private (as in big corps), one of the core values of fascism. Due to its technological nature of mass surveillance, asnd not just selling uniforms and guns, it is part and parcel of technocracy. The latter is not the same as the former, but they do share values, and also historically were quite good friends.

Ring ring, whos there?

Happy 2020!

The title is my feeble reference to Alfred Tennyson's Ring Out, Wild Bells, which every Swede has heard on TV broadcast at New Year's. I have no opinion whether Tennyson would endorse or condemn the future dragnets. I do not believe in assuming moral rights to long dead creators (which the government of Sweden and the Swedish Academy does, more about that in another post).