Saving energy!

If you are really seriously into saving energy, you might choose to not waste it on reading this.

The other day I bought a 3-outlet electric extender. A simple one. It has an on/off button, which is convenient, and may actually save a little energy, as a lot of electric stuff these days have a little power on even when they are off. However, I was way more impressed when I unpacked it, and found out that there was a piece of paper in one of the plug-holes (or whatever the female connector is called on such contraptions). It serves as a reminder that saving energy is good.

So as a disciplined customer I just use two of the sockets now. It is a 33% energy save!

Corporations are virtuous and they give us signals so that we can be too. Mmmmm. I feel so good about myself now!

You can, too. Start today! Just follow the signals! Feel good!