Simple salmon

When I was making dinner, by necessity, the Cajsa Warg principle had to be applied again.

I really had only one thing to make a decent dinner from: frozen pieces of salmon. Yeah I know, a rather boring form of salmon, but good to have when living in the countryside, the shop is far away, and no car is available. Salmon de la outback light.

I placed the salmon in a small tray, sprinkled salt and ground black pepper on it, spread out about 2 dl of crème fraiche (all I had) over it. On top of that a little frozen finely chopped spring leeks I happened upon in the freezer while looking for dill. I added some frozen, chopped dill on top. And finally some grated parmesan. I had an idea of a just a whiff of parmesan, but I was thinking about something else, or maybe not thinking at all, while grating it, and made more than I had intended. But one cannot get too much parmesan, so all went on top of the fish et al. I left it in oven for maybe 30 mins or so.

Simple salmon dish fresh out of the oven.

Served with boiled potatoes, sallad and a dip made of sour cream mixed with mayonnaise (how's that for convention?). I had also thought of having pieces of lemon to be used at will by the consumers, but I found half a lime in fridge, so I served that instead as the optional spice.

It was very unplanned, easy to make and turned out pretty good, in my own selfdeprecating opinion.

Addendum: A propos parmesan. I used to hate it. The only parmesan I had ever eaten was already grated in small bags in shop. Industrially grated, and the raw cheese was not best quality either, to put it mildly. It was very yellow, maybe artificial coloring. I always found it tasting slightly of puke. Nowadays I know it wasn't just me. Real parmesan - even in my limited knowledge - can't just be compared to that industrial waste product I had before. Parmesan also keeps very long, so it is an excellent thing to have in store.