Smart watch is not the last watch

We've had so-called "smart phones" for quite a while now, whatever the definition. I was a late adopter, as they say. Early adopters get the latest adapter, or something like that. I am not sure what is so smart with those phones. Maybe some people think they look smart with them? Although a person sitting in a public place hypnotized with their smart phone doesn't look smart. Oh what times we live in! 😉

Lately there has been a bit of noise about smart watches, because Apple have started selling such. Dearly. Gadget fanatics, apple fetishists, and stock owners seem to have a collective orgasm. Or want it to happen. The Apple universe is very closed, which is not very good for its consumers, but otoh, it means The Big Malus is much more easily avoided than e.g. Gaggle. Apple is not the only one making/selling or hoping to make/sell smart watches, but they get most attention at the moment.

A phone is connected to the user by sound waves, cable, bluetooth and/or of course fingers. Maybe there are more ways this duffer don't know about. A wrist watch is more permanently attached to the users body surface, if not inserted into it (the next step).

I think "smart watch" is a very appropriate name, because these devices watch the user. A smarter way to watch the user, the consumer, the fetishist. An honest name of an honest product! Be watched and look smart! And be smart about it.

The future looks bright and smart. Do not get left behind, because then you might find yourself staring at a bunch of smart arses. On the other hand, that could be free entertainment, not requiring any Store, nor Cloud.

[This is my 200th post. Oy vey!]