Sneaking in the queue

I sometimes think of death and the temporal limits of life. Growing older, and over time seeing others getting older, it is rather natural to think about life/death more.

Lifespan is like a queue. It is not really a queue, unless maybe one believes in destiny, which I do not.

But if we think of it as a queue, one can see certain things.

Such as those that always try to be the first in any queue with profits and benefits on arrival. The greedy ones.

They are not so anxious to be first in queue when it comes to things like injury, illness and death. Oh no. They let others do the dangerous and dirty works, they aim for good treatment thanks to their economic resources etc. They shove others before themselves if needed.

They really have little sense of community, empathy, solidarity or etiquette. They think competition is the essence of human life, as human life is the hereto final stage of evolution's competition. Greed is good.

They sneak in queues.


No human is an island. If we were islands, there would be no queues, and the queue-sneakers would have to resort to sneaking around themselves. Dance!