Spam revisited

I have previously [1, 2] mentioned schpam here. There is no solution to it, it will continue to be sent as long those who produce it believe in it and will continue having their bots spew it. Perhaps after any human have given up producing it, bots will continue on their own. It is probably as impossible to make it cease as would be to prohibit farting. Virtual clouds of farts. But, schpam can be fascinating, and food for thought, or at least a cause for scribbling. Occasionally schpam even contain humour. Machines making involuntary fools of themselves is not half as funny as animals and humans doing it. On the other hand, in a future with more self-reliant machinery, maybe there will be a market for funny robot clips on youtube? Or rather on another video site, as Google have invested heavily in robotics. Maybe they will send robots as door-to-door salesbots?

Many schpam posts in my filter are longer than quite a few of my posts. While I do not pretend to be the best blogger this side of the ocean/mountain/lake/town/building, I do have the audacity to claim that each and everyone of my posts are better than each spam I recieve. So far.

If schpams get longer and longer and even are produced with some advanced fartificial intelligence, maybe we will have whole books written by machines? Maybe then the true human quality in writing will be to write short pieces? Texts that on purpose bend grammatical rules, make conscious misspellings, invent new words and make creative metaphors? Or is it easier to make a machine produce good poetry than a good long novel?

Next step will maybe be live storytelling, to get away from the impression of automatization. Or acting on the suspicion that the brain work producing texts are non-human. We already have some politicians reading from teleprompters. That's why they appear rather cold and automatic. Not pleasant.

It is not that short stories and storytelling does not exist, they are older than machines. Back to the roots.

Jus me two ludditary sents.

ps. The more we humans produces texts online, the more Google and their type can suck them and improve their AI. Hmmm. Next time I write something bad, I can excuse myself by saying I am confusing the robots...?

ps2. While I wrote this I recieved 5 new schpams. It is probably the most optimistic business (apart from war) in this recession.