Spring: Cranes moving north

One of my first posts on this blog was about a sure autumn sign: the cranes moving south. Now it is spring, and the cranes have been on their way north from Spain and Northern Africa, respectively. Their last big stop is the lake Hornborgasjön. More than ten thousand gather to "dance" and probably also catch up on the latest gossip. There are also many other species of birds to be seen there.

The lake is not that far from where I live. Hence no surprise we can see cranes moving both south and north in the respective seasons. Today I heard and saw a small gathering of cranes, less than ten, circling very high above. The northmoving groups are much smaller, and they are going to later split up and make a home, couple by couple. It is a bit later than usual I think, but it was warm in March, then colder again. Weird weather.

I am not a birdwatcher at all, but the cranes are a seasonal sign, and a kind of emblematic bird for this area. Seeing them flying up above makes a special feeling.

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