Swedish elephants

An interesting documentary/interview film about Sweden, now with subtitles in English and German: A Swedish Elephant. Independently financed. The Swedish public service television corporation, SVT, declined showing it. I find it pretty balanced, but I guess it did not lean in the right direction for SVT to show and/or pay for. In a recent interview (in Swedish) with the creators, they said that monetization on youtube was stopped soon after they released it with English subtitles. I guess it steps on some political toes.

One of those interviewed is Aron Flam, comedian with a libertarian bent. He sometimes publishes episodes on his podcast Dekonstruktiv Kritik (Deconstructive Criticism) in English. My worldview is not the same as his, but he is genuinely funny and pulls down the pants on the left repeatedly.

Another interviewed is Jens Ganman, more active on Facebag and the Tweeters than as a blogger. He is author, musician and satirist. He is a journalist, but since he considers most journalists today are really activists, in a sort of anti-ḧypocrisy, calls himself "activist". As far as I know, he has not published anything in English, and anyway his satire is untranslatable as it requires a lot of knowledge of the situation in Sweden today. However, he visited Aron on one episode and they had a convo in English for the benefit of non-Norse. The satirical film by Ganman mentioned was repeatedly taken down, so the most stable URL is probably on Bitchute. It is incomprehensible for non-Swedes even with subtitles, I just linked it here for reference.

Both of them has worked in the public service media, so they know how it works. Both think it should just be closed down. I think so too. Or at least cut down to a minimum. From New Year it is going from a license model, to ear-marked tax model. Gotta have those billions of Swedish Krona (SEK) rolling in.