The rights to live and to copy

It seems copyright in most countries is now creator's life plus 70 years. In other words, 70 years past creator's death. That means the right to copy a work on average lasts much longer than an individual's life. One can say that the right to copy of an individual work is longer, even far longer than the human rights of an individual human being. There is something very, very sick about this. Considering that there are humans controlling the copyright after the creator's death, copyright might extend the length of several human lives' human rights.

The product is more important than the human being. The right of the creator extends beyound her/his death. Yet, a little paradoxically, it does not because a dead person does not have rights, except having their dead body as well as grave respected. If one can call that a human right. In some countries personality rights extend far beyond the death of the person(ality). That is not to protect the person, it is to make money for the rightsholders. So, a dead person do not really have human rights.

Corrupt politicians strive to extend copyright even further, with whatever means deemed necessary. That is ironically starting to be an eternal story.