‘Tis the shilly season

Now's the silly season, so they say. Lack of news makes space for some small news being blown out of proportion, e.g. a lion being killed in Africa, and the news media subsequently goes bananas. Speaking of which, naming a lion in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia and before that known as Southern Rhodesia) "Cecil", seems quite odd. I can't help thinking of Cecil Rhodes, colonialist, empire builder and White Supremacist Extraordinnaire. But I digress...

Stories like this come all year round, I am not sure there are any statistics showing that there is a higher frequency of tearjerkers in summer. Northern hemisphere summer, that is. Maybe the lands down under have silly season at Christmas? Poor Santa, working during dog days! Hey, there's a hanky story there!

The recent "debates" (well) between the Republicans presidential hopefuls reminds us that shilly season is all year round. Money does not smell (even during dog days) and it does not sleep.