When I saw this I first thought it was from the Onion:

Listen up!

I have not researched further, but it does sound like an Onion type of news. But then, reality and satire are close friends 😉

Twitter is a private platform, the user can do whatever they want as long as they follow the proprietary rules. And not break laws. The problem is that people in office as well as public institutions use twitelidoo, facebag etc at all. If they want to communicate, do it from own sites, with e.g. extra function such as feeds and email lists. Facebag is a horrid mix of feed, blog and forum. If there is need the forum functionality (as e.g. a municipality, or a sub-function of it), the one should set up one's (the taxpaying public's) own.

Politicians are not only office holders. For campaign things they can use whatever platform they choose. But as office holder? No. Trump mix his office with his campaigning but so does every other politician+office holder on those platforms, if usually less blatantly obvious than The Donald. Facebook has the advantage of revealing how narcissistic and moronic many politicians are. Not that that is news, but at least we get some extra laughs.

Why are they called "platforms"? They should be called "flat-forms".

Just my two cents.