Tyresome Walpurgis

Today is Walpurgis Night. It is rather "eve" than night, but you have to take that up with the English Language Committee.

I am not doing anything special today. Too tired.

My car is too tyred, too. As we say here: "sådan herre, sådan hund", which means "like father, like son". Not that my car is a child. The Swedish expression is more versatile, literally meaning "like master, like dog". Wouldn't it be nice if when you sat down in car and put key/card/etc into the keyhole/card slot/etc and it answered "Yess, maaster"? Although with self-driving cars, you would probably in the future be required to respond to car/Gaagle/etc with: "Yes, Master", when you sat down in your little meatspace, i.e. that what is still in 2019 is called a "seat".

As I mentioned another time, one is not allowed to use studded tyres after April 15, unless road condition demands it. It's been very warm for the season. Sometimes I am late changing, but 2019 I set a new personal worst. I finally got summer tyres on today, thanks to my son-in-law. I have not been hale enough to drive my car the past week plus anyway, but it was very kind of him to help me. It makes it possible for me to be self-driving.

"Yeess, maaster."